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Thank you for choosing ProExtender, World’s Largest Selling Penis Enlargement Device.

Given below are steps for using ProExtender

  • Make sure that your penis is semi erect state and is dry.
  • Place your penis through the plastic ring at the base.
  • Strap on the comfort pad on to the device and pull down the loop carefully until the head of the penis gets secured.
  • Modify the traction level of the device for increasing or decreasing tension as required.
  • Place the extender at the end of the penis and once it has been done, adjust the braces for stretching your penis.

Safety Tips For Using Penis Extender Device

Given below are safety tips which you must keep in mind while using penis extender to avoid any kind of injuries or accident.

  • Initially the device should not be worn for more than four hours. Once you get habitual, you can start wearing it for up to six hours. Do take a break of one to two hours in between usage.
  • Wear lose fitting clothes while using extender.
  • Always ensure that the straps are not very loose or tight as the tension from the rod should not lead to excruciating pain.
  • Do give a break in between every week as it will enable the penis to heal quickly.
  • After using the device, massage your penis with Vitamin E.

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