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ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device needs to be worn over the male reproductive organ (male penis) in flaccid state. It comes with screws which stretches the penis over a period of time. It causes the replication of cells which leads to enlargement of penis in terms of length and girth.

The penis extender comprises of a plastic loop which has been included for gripping penis and metal bars which are used for application of traction force. For best results, the device needs to be used for at least six months.

Application of traction enlarges interior cavities which lead to replication of cells. This causes cell breakdown in the shaft of the penis. The damaged tissues are restored and new cells are created for filling empty spaces. It holds more blood in the penis leading to bigger and better erections. It is a painless process as gaps tend to appear at microscopic levels. The gaps between the cells are naturally identified by the human body which leads to start of process of cellular division.

Traction technique is very similar to the one used in training muscles in body building. ProExtender applies traction gently on corpora cavernosa which holds blood during erection. It leads to micro tears to take place in tissue of the penis. Penis extender also helps in correcting curvature of the penis and abnormal shaped penis.

When you first start using the penis extender, you'll need to let your penis adjust to the stretching by gradually increasing the time you wear it. This is called the break-in period. After the break-in period, you should aim to stretch your penis gradually towards BPEL and ultimately stretch past that to get permanent size gains. The abbreviation "BPEL" is short for "Bone Pressed Erect Length", which is the length measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis while it's in the erect state. While gradually stretching towards BPEL, don't rush your progress by over stretching your penis. Otherwise, you will feel pain and your penis will sustain damage. As soon as you feel pain, cease stretching immediately and take a one- to two-day break. If the pain persists beyond that, be sure to see a doctor.

Taking breaks is very important when you're using a penis extender. Be sure to take a break for several minutes at least once every one to two hours. When taking a break from the extender, massage your penis to encourage circulation. Also, you don't need to wear the extender every day. Many people wear it for two days, take one day off, and repeat. Some people prefer to wear it on weekdays and take a break on weekends. Choose whatever works for you, but be sure to take some breaks. Your penis needs time to heal itself before it can grow further in size. By overstretching your penis with the extender, not only will you hinder your progress, but you also risk damaging your penis permanently, so be sure to take those breaks regularly.

The British Journal of Urology reported in 2008 for example that 15 men had achieved average increases of 0.9 inches in penis length simply through the use of traction. Other studies, both before and after have reported similar results - all showing significant improvements in penile length with consistent use over a few months - all achieved with absolutely no adverse effects on sexual function.


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