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This is a USB rechargeable electric penis pump which has been developed after years of extensive research. It is a tried and tested penis enlargement device which can help in achieving penis growth which you have always desired for.

Not only does it helps in increasing length and girth but also works towards enhancing sexual performance.

It is a USB charging device which can be used repeatedly charge after charge. It makes use of medical grade quiet motor and high precision electronic pressure relief valve buck. It comes with detachable vacuum cups for easy assembly and cleaning.


  • Increase length & girth
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Product life up to 1 million times
  • Clear vacuum cylinder
  • Medical grade quiet motor
  • 4 powerful speed models
  • High precision electronic pressure relief valve buck
  • Detachable vacuum cups for easy assembly and cleaning


  • Insert your penis in the vacuum cylinder tube and squeeze the grip handle. The PVC sleeve creates a tight seal against the skin and creates powerful vacuum inside the chamber which leads to better erection.
  • It comes with clear vacuum cylinder for better visibility and easy read gauge lets you know how much pressure has been pumped. The precision pressure gauge monitors pumping progress and view the amount of vacuum pressure. When desired size is reached, the quick release trigger needs to be pulled to instantly release pressure.
  • For cleaning the device, simply detach the cylinder from the hose with lukewarm water.