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The latest ProExtender sold in 26 Countries Worldwide is now available in India. This device makes use of traction technology which results in expansion of penile tissue in a gentle and painless manner. It has been specifically designed to ensure that correct amount of force is applied.

A bigger sized penis is required for satisfying a woman in bed. Pro Extender works towards the same and ensures that a man feels confident and is able to satisfy his woman without any kind of shame.

So go ahead and order one 3 in 1 Ultimate Pro Extender today and see your life change for the better.


  • Increased size and thickness
  • Corrects curved penis (peyronie disease)
  • Better and strong erections
  • Improved confidence in bed
  • Proven product sold worldwide


  • Pro Extender Device – 4.8”
  • Two Short Bars -- 1” each
  • Two Long Bars -- 2” each
  • One Soft Silicone Tube -- 10.3"
  • One Foam Ring
  • One Comfort Belt
  • One Velcro Comfort Strap
  • Manual and Warranty Card
  • CD

Go through our Photo Gallery to see the images of accessories which will be sent in your Pro Extender Kit.


  • To use 3-in-1 Ultimate ProExtender, place your penis through the solid ring base. Once placed, place the silicone tubing under the head and tighten it until it’s secure. Next, place the metal rods into the spaces on either side and loosen or tighten it as required.
  • Screw the side bars in and out so that the traction can be adjusted. Use it regularly for better results.
  • Please carefully go through the instruction booklet and CD before using it.